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WmS sleep system

Natural sleep

At the Romantik Hotel | Restaurant Hirsch, you will enjoy relaxing sleep – just like at home. Thanks to the WmS sleep system in all our rooms and suites, you will feel as comfortable as if you were lying in your own bed. Your quality of sleep is very important to us!

After all, when you stay with us, healthy sleep is necessary for your rejuvenation involving all your senses. We do everything we can to ensure that you can start the next day healthy and well rested. The WmS sleep system is our secret to this high level of sleeping comfort.

The WmS sleep system consists of a flexible base with a double row of slats and a mattress. Special features: Slats of untreated beech wood and upholstered supports made of cold foam and cotton for cushioning.

This sophisticated combination of a slatted base and mattress provides an anatomically optimal bed for the body. The mattress conforms to your body. This system ensures that you will enjoy maximum relaxation during your stay with us – even while asleep!